Superb Service


Good evening

I have actually been meaning to email for a while and when I received your feedback email I thought I should respond. It is too easy to just raise complaints and negative feedback and not take the time to say thank you for superb service.

I have had my cat insured with you for 7 years now and have received excellent service throughout that time. I have thankfully only had to claim for one illness and the payment was sent to the vets directly with no issues whatsoever.

I have been so pleased with the service that when we got a new puppy this year I came straight to vets Medicover for her insurance as I knew she would be covered to the same high standard .

I have called the customer service number several times and the calls are always answered promptly and the staff very helpful. I think it is fantastic that you can just email someone and they reply straight back within a few hours.

Kind regards



Airedale Terrier


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