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Just had the most frustrating conversation with them. They are stalling a payment of a claim, small amount, and to be fair isn't hurting me financially, but that's not the point.

I've had a policy for over 2 years and never claimed.

My cat has never been ill, and therefore doesn't have a medical history, other than being given the chop 10 years ago!

They are stalling on payment because they can't confirm he doesn't have a medical history...how the hell am i supposed to prove something didn't happen? The fact it isn't on the vet's system isn't enough for them, the suggestion is I have used a different vet, and I need to provide their details! Who?

Policy cancelled, avoid these guys like the plague!


Domestic Medium Hair


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Posted: 29/01/2018

I just wondered what the outcome was with this in the end (if you even see this reply?) as we are having the same issue with our fully house kept cat not having a medical history since he was a kitten and had vaccines and was neutered 10 years ago. Thanks