Our experience of trusting Animal Friends with our Dogs insurance turned out to be an expensive lesson. We had paid them for several years, never making a claim until this year. Our dog started with a sore, discharging eye, so we took him to vets & was told it could be Conjunctivitis & was prescribed with some Drops & Tablets. The condition worsened so we went back & the Vet put some coloured dye in his eye & said it confirmed an Eye Ulcer, (more Tablets & drops). Still the condition worsened until he couldn't open his eye & was in alot of pain. We were told to take him in and he would be given general anaesthetic & his eye would have to be scraped to get rid of Ulcer then eye-lid stitched down until it recovers. This was done & he was given more medication. The bill came to over £600, so be sent in the claim. We were warned by Vets that they had had problems in the past when claiming! Weeks went by and after chasing them up, I was told they would not be paying out as our dogs records shows that 18 months earlier he had has a small Ulcer in the other eye & so this condition was not covered. The other ulcer was easy to clear up and the bill was less than the £70 excess we would have paid so we never claimed for it. We had no idea that this Ulcer in the other eye would be looked upon as a re-occuring condition. We feel it is just an excuse no to pay out. Please be careful when dealing with this Company. I WOULD DEFINATELY PUT THEM TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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