Terrible contracts & reluctant to pay out.


I inherited this insurance from my mum for her dog after she died earlier this year. The dog was subsequently diagnosed with severe arthritis in his spine. E&L's 'cover' only extended to £1000 per condition. The catch being that you can only put in claims up to £1000. It is entirely at their discretion to exclude aspects of the claim. They refused to tell me what they were not paying for but talked about administration fees a great deal. I recieved £594 back out of the £1000 worth of claims I submitted. They are refusing to pay out any more.
Additionally they charged me £10 to change my address.
Avoid like the plague.


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Posted: 04/09/2017

sadly I have had the exact same experience. Only £270 paid on a £2500 claim. It seems that the most you can get for some treatment is £500 and THEN they still deduct further excesses and apply limits. Technically most of this information is in the policy terms and conditions, but it is not at all clear. The amount paid on my claim (for my dog who had a cancerous tumour removed and associated treatment) was almost the exact same amount I paid for my premium so there was ZERO benefit in having an insurance policy at all. I also had to wait for more than 4 months to receive this joke of a payment and only then after I had made a complaint. Utterly disgraceful service and the worst value for money I have ever come across. I recommend that you pay a little more for one of the bigger insurance company policies for a better policy and save your self the heartache.