Rip off!


After moving back from abroad I moved my pet insurance to Direct Line. Two years later I need to claim but haven't been able to get history from the other country so now they tell me my insurance is invalid. They are still happy though to take my £1400 to continue to cover me for public liability!! Even though boho g else is covered. When I asked why they didn't ask me two years ago for the vet history her answer was "well most people don't claim!" So basically they're telling me... yes we're happy to take your money while you don't claim but when you do we'll find a reason in your policy to not pay out. The problem with my dog is a new problem and yet they still won't pay. They very abrupt on the phone and I'm now saving the money instead, in case I ever need to pay for more vets bills.


Springer Spaniel


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Posted: 08/08/2017

yes totally agree they are the lowest of the low too rip off merchants. They are too ready to fleece thousands off you and when you need to claim twist it so you cant get a penny. they are taking money under false pretences. Why we have pet insurance is for peace of mind for 100% care for our pets.Quite frankly they are disgusting
won't use them again for any insurance no faith with them.