Appalling and insensitive


This is the worst insurer you could ever have. I lost my beautiful dog, Bess at the beginning of May. We are all still extremely traumatised by losing her.
It is now the end of July and I still have payments outstanding. The customer service is appalling and to wait 3 months and still not have everything settled, for literally thousands of pounds of vet bills has significantly added to the trauma.

I had her insured for 5 years with no claim with this company and it is shameless of them to allow a grieving owner to have to chase what is rightfully theirs. It's appalling.

When you lose a pet you don't want to continually chase for money. It is painful enough. Avoid them at all costs. I intend to make a formal complaint when I have the strength to do it. There is absolutely no compassion in this organisation and you will have to fight to be paid.

Go to anybody and it's worth paying more for a premium but avoid this company.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier



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