Cowboys Incorporated!


It appears we all have the same problem with these cowboys!!
I took my dog for an annual booster and the vet asked (as they always do) how Maddie was doing, I said that she was absolutely fine, slowing down a bit and finding stairs a bit harder but this was only as expected as she's now 13.5yrs old. 3 weeks later I noticed a change in Maddie on walks & she didn't seem herself so we went to the vet & subsequently she had liver function tests and an ultrasound, this showed changes in her liver function & she had lost some weight over the course of 12 months, I was told the weight loss could be because of a reduction in muscle mass (not unusual in older dogs) and she was prescribed tablets for both diagnosis. Animal Friends inform me that because I said she was slowing down to how she used to be this is a pre existing condition and they're refuse to honour the claim, they also refused the claim regarding the Liver function and said they were attaching a new exclusion that includes any illness connected with the liver as of todays date, backdated to October 2016, something that was never set out in the exclusions before. Remind meagain why I've been paying £30per month to these cowboys!!!




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