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I am Seeing RED, I have just received my insurance quotation from Sainsbury's Insurance, I cannot believe it is £556.14 for a year????? WTF
Now you may think that's not bad he drives a smart car, he has expensive things in his house if its house insurance.


it F****ing Dog insurance £556.14 for dog insurance for one year, I have to pay £99 per claim plus 20% of the cost of a claim also, not made a claim, not been to vet an increase of £136 from last year renewal.

I have just rung Sainsbury's and asked them to justify the increase, "they don't have to" (??WTF??) "that's the renewal cost take it or leave it."

Guess what I left it, I would rather put £50 a month in a dog account and pay my vet bill when I have to, if I had done this 3 years ago I would have £1200 in it by now.

This is a complete rip off, Insurance for a pet should never cost more than Car, House, Life Insurance or a funeral plan per month.
Please share this with anyone you know it cannot be allowed to continue, rip off Britain or what


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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Posted: 03/09/2017

When I had my Weimaraners it shot up each year once they got over the age of 8. At one point it was £80 per month for one dog when he was 10!!! I thought about cancelling it but let it run, a few months later I had a claim of £2,500 so for me it paid off. High risk breed apparently!

Posted: 11/09/2017

Rob, these reviews are meant to be helpful instead of the swear words in asteriks, tell us more info. How old is your pet? I found my insurance increased but then again my dog is nearly 11! Its definitely more expensive than car insurance but you are more likely to claim on pet than car insurance too.

Posted: 16/09/2017

over 12 years mine as gone from £99 to £1000 + 20% and £125 ex would not use them again