Don't use this company!


Do not use this company, pay extra and use a reliable insurer! We were with Animal friends for over 7 years. Our springer had to have emergency treatment for a prolapsed bowel. This happened 3 times over a period of 6 weeks. Test rests also showed polyps. Due to her age (11) the vet advised the best thing would be to have her put down as she was too old to have the infected bowel removed. In total we spent about £2800. Animal friends refused to pay anything towards the treatment informing us that 2 years previously she'd been seen by the vet for blood in her poo. They were told that this was nothing to do with the prolapse, but they disagreed and refused to pay a penny. If we'd never had the insurance and put the money away each month we would've had enough to pay the bill! Customer service is poor and they refuse to listen, looking for any way of getting out of paying for a claim. Disgraceful company. I'd never recommend these and in hindsight wished I'd have paid more and gone with a decent company. Even our vet said she didn't think we'd get anything as they are one of the worse companies.


English Springer Spaniel


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