Price Hike!


Like a few others on here, my premiums have almost doubled in less than two years for my dog a cocker spaniel (who had one claim for poisoning). Both of my cats however, are insured with someone else and despite them having more claims the premiums have only got up slightly. That does not make sense. I understand that Tesco is underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance (as is MoreThan) who recently advised me of a preferred vet scheme to help me save money on my bills. If that's the case why are they taking more in premiums? Oh hang on ...coz they can take more in and pay less out!


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 16/08/2017

The insurance for my cat last year was £397 it has now been put up to £541 .I have been with tesco for 7 years I have now gone elsewhere and paid £107 for the year with a good insurance company.