Do not pick animal Friends


My dog has just fallen I'll my vets are sending her to Newmarket to have 3d scans and run tests. Newmarket sent a pre claim form to animal Friends pet insurance my insurance with them says I'm cover up to £ 4000 the vets have said treatment scans ect with cost around £3000 they think she has cancer I'm her bladder animal Friends has said they won't pay anything as she's hi ad a urine infection before which is nothing to do with cancer. Very poor customer service very unhelpful. never again will I chose them. I would keep well way. Even my vets wrote to them saying saying her past bladder infection is nothing to do with this cancer they is no reason to you shouldnt cover this. . They Still won't pay out. I have be insured with them for 4 years and never tryed to claim until now. I pay 25 month for 4 years can't believe what a joke this company is.




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