Go lie down in a dark room at renewal time


My renewal quote has come in at an eye-watering increase of +66% on last year after claims of £400 for arthritis treatments in my dog's most expensive year. OK my dog is old now, 11 next so he's going to get worse. The business model is to insure young pets when they need little or nothing and then ratchet up the price at the point they might get ill, reduce the benefits gradually and laugh all the way to the bank because you can't switch. It's a form of financial hostage-taking. My advice to new pet owners. Don't insure with More Than certainly and probably not anybody else for that matter. Put an amount away each month in a vet account and you'll be better off. I'm sure More Than are not alone in operating this way. But they are avaricious and scheming in the extreme. They used to ask me how my dog was by name when I rang, as if they cared. Now they don't even make a pretence of being bothered. I think they want rid of the old sod but I'll look after him anyway.


Labrador Retriever


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