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Found LPC when looking to reduce cover for my 11 year old Springer. After comparing policies and prices from a range of insurers only LPC had in full what I needed. Of all the insurers that I looked at (and there were a lot), I found LPC's terms and conditions and pricing the easiest to understand. Also commendable was the way that quotations could be easily revised in 'real time' on the web site; this removed the tedium found on comparison web sites. Looking ahead to next year when my Springer will be 12, I was able to play with the on-line quote to see how this would affect the premium at renewal. Although only a guide, I am at least now armed with a 'ball-park' amount that I can expect to pay at renewal. Armed with all the information I needed it was then easy to commit to LPC. The Debit mandate went through quickly and policy documents were received by email shortly after everything for the policy purchase had been concluded. Overall, the research and setting-up service and experience was excellent. I hope that LPC lives up to its ratings should there be a need to make a claim (which I hope won't be necessary).


English Springer Spaniel


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