Nothing for 11 years loyalty


I've been with Asda since my cat was a kitten 11 years ago. I had one fairly small claim around 5 years ago that was handled agreeably. However, last September my cat had to have a small lump removed from her mouth, this claim took nearly 3 months to finalise. At one point there was a discrepancy over the cat's date of birth. She was found as a stray at around 5 weeks old so I am unaware of her actual dob and always say 1st August as a near-enough date. My vet happened to put down 5th August on the claim form (for reasons best known to himself). This resulted in a two week delay of emails and long phone calls. Anyway renewal day arrives, they no longer post a renewal notice but deliver it by email instead. I happened to miss this one email and found out through a bank statement that my monthly payments had gone up from £18 to £35.
I realise that my cat is getting older and understand that my premium will go up but doubled?? I put his down to having the audacity to make a claim. Beware


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