Absolutlely dispicable company. Do not use them!


Similar experience to previous reviews. Please do not use this company. We'd had our rescue dog for less than 2 weeks and she picked up a bout of diarrhea with spots of blood. AS new dog owners we were a little worried. It continued for a weeks but eventually cleared up. Our claim was of course refused because of the 14-day wait period which I wasn't contesting. What I find abhorrent is that they placed an exclusion on ALL future digestive related issues for the life of the policy! I contested the decision via their claims process and sent evidence that our dog's issue was not as first prescribed by the Vet. This was proved by the Pathology test reports I obtained from Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd. They still upheld their decision to have the exclusion in place regardless of the evidence provided. There customer service is diabolic also. I called other insurance providers who have agreed this decision is very harsh and unusual. They wouldn't even refund the variance of my monthly instalment. I'm considering reporting this company to the Ombudsman but I warn anyone, do not use this company.


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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