Terrible! Avoid at all costs!


I placed a claim with E&L for one of my cats back in February, I still have not been paid, they told me that they have a backload of claims at present! Totally unacceptable, thank goodness the claim was not for a considerable amount. I would recommend that you do not go with them, the excess is ridiculous (my fault for not checking!) As mentioned above, avoid like the plague!!!


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Posted: 23/05/2017

Totally agree - I've just posted feedback, exactly the same experience with this company. Each time I've had to claim I've had the same poor experience with delays.

Posted: 02/06/2017

I totally agree. Put a claim in for vets fees in March and still not been paid- its June!!!! Their excuse is they pay by date order. Just found out how much they are paying and small print as meant I dont get as much as I thought. They only give £40 for hospitalization fee per night, my vets charge £54.60.I threatened them with Insurance Ombudsman and they rang saying payment will go through Monday but paid through bacs so will take 5 days. Asked why cant go through today then- excuse was all payments process in a morning.

Posted: 05/06/2017

Threaten them with the financial ombudsman

Posted: 29/06/2017

The Ombudsman is brilliant at dealing with all claims for refunding money. All the best.