Do not choose this company!


Honestly nothing but trouble with the company, so very upset! My parents are the ones who pay out for the insurance but I am writing on behalf of them too who are also distraught. We had a bullmastiff which apparently is hard to get pet insurance with this breed because apparently they are known as aggressive dogs. Couldn't disagree more I had her since the start of secondary and she was the softest dog ever, everyone that knew her loved her a lot and sadly we had to get her put down due to cancer. Our form says we can claim back on this. We don't have a lot on money as it is so I used my student loan to help with the costs so my parents weren't out of pocket for the month. Due to the form saying we can claim the money back for cancer my parents said they can pay be back once it had all been processed. The form also said we can claim a bit back for euthanasia, however just got the form back today and they are saying we can not claim for anything, I think we have ended up spending £400 - £500, this is a lot for us to just fork out that's half my dads wages for the month, luckily I could help them out and am not desperate for the money back. Before this Roxy also got pyometra which we was told you could also claim for, if I remember this cost £1000-£2000 in total for all the care, injections and the operation, that is a lot of money that again we had to fork out. They said that we couldn't claim as we didn't get her spade, but what if we wanted to breed her? Not that we was planning too. Also now we are still having to pay monthly installments to pay back for that operation. I advise all you pet owners that love your pet to spend a little more a month and get with a better pet insurance. Wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy!




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