AVOID This company at all costs. Insured my dog with them for several years. When he reached the age of 15 he started encountering mobility problems with arthritis. I took him to vets who prescribed medication. After a few months my vet told me I should make a claim for the cost of this medication. I made the claim and this company kept fobbing me off with excuses to stretch out the claim. Eventually I lost my pet and therefore rang them to cancel the policy. After six weeks of silence I rang them to find out what was happening with the claim. I was at this point told that the claim was not being paid. Absolutely shocking company. I hope everyone reads these reviews before taking out any policy with this company.


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 29/06/2017

I have had a similar experience. My dog has developed heart failure and they won't pay because he already had a heart murmur although this doesn't mean he would definitely develop heart failure. Because of this they wouldn't pay my claim. I had both of my dogs insured with them and cancelled both policies along with a strong letter of complaint. All they have done is charge me £58.00 to cancel the policies. Rip off!!!!!