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I have had my Lhasa apso very ill since 2nd Feb he is know on the mend and my vets submitted Thier bill to More Than and it was paid without any dispute .. I've had no worries . More than have been excellent and i would highly recommend them ..


Lhasa Apso


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Posted: 21/05/2017

My dog has been insured with MoreThan for around three years unfortunately in 2015 she became most unwell and since the for the last two years she has suffered numerous illnesses some serious and costly.Up until now they have been most helpful but now my dog has several ongoing claims running at the same time MoreThan are attempting to combine two ongoing condition s into one claim. There is nothing in their terms and conditions that says you can only have limited conditions. I questioned this and asked them to look into it so far still waiting for them to complete their investigation this all started end of March and the claim in question so £1602.00.