I used this company for my 2 dogs it cost around £20 a month , my younger dog had an accident vet refused to deal with them directly most vets will tell you the same after months of constant contacting them they did settle the claim , the monthly payment rise to around £35 this was to be expected as the claim was. Around £2500 . Year later the same dog had a similar issue but this time he needed specialist surgery when the appointment was made they asked if the dog was insured they did not ask who with , we went to collect the dog when they found out it was E&L insurance they tried to get us to pay the £5000 bill upfront after a lot of arguing they agreed to wait for payment this claim was actually not as long as the last one to be settled the delay was actually the vets fault once again the premium increased to around £49 a month .. few years go by went to the bank no dog had been near a vets the elder dog had never been near the vets for anything in his life. But the premiums had risen to £165 per month the elder dog ( only 5) had risen from £8 to £42 per month . .


Large Mixed Breed (60+ lbs)


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