Shocking Service and Never Again


I have had my Boxer Insured with the Kennel Club since he was a puppy,(free 12 weeks) he is now 8. Over the last few years his premiums have steadily increased from around £350-£400 when we took the policy out up to the £800ish mark last year. This year after speaking to the Kennel Club to renew my policy for the 9th year, I have been informed my renewal price will be £1,749 for a dog who has never been ill or injured and only attends the vet once a year for his annual checks and vaccinations which cost the Kennel Club nothing at all, you can imagine my horror. I have asked for a detailed explanation but to date have only been informed I was most probably one of their Customers who have been under charged their premiums over the last 3 years, so watch out, because from what I can ascertain from that, I will not be the only furious Customer this year. My last Boxer was insured by another Company and had numerous problems and operations to the tune of thousands, not once did they question, grumble of hike my premiums up. My Boxer is a Pedigree Kennel Club registered dog and the Kennel Club are not interested in his health and well being there only interest is in the money these dogs can generate for them. My advice find another insurance company




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Posted: 12/07/2017

I have just been notified that my premium with the Kennel Club is to increase by 125%. My dog is only one so this is his first renewal. We have made a claim but the kennel club insist they do not load premiums following a claim. I called them today and they basically said that their underwriters had under charged for the past few years! Most companies that made a mistake would take the knock themselves not pass the whole lot on to their customers. I have 2 other dogs that have been insured for 8 and 4 years but not had a claim it will be interesting to see if their premiums increase by the same level

Posted: 15/09/2017

Same thing just happened to me. Increased my premium on renewal to more than £1200 a year from £450 for a healthy 4 year old dog due to "under charging previously". Outrageous. Can only
Get back to my previous level of premium by accepting £160 excess and paying 20% of the bills! Such a rip off. If you switch though, you lose your whole life cover.