Lola's Mum


“Our family dog is 8 years old and, although perfectly healthy, we decided to change to a ‘life time’ policy. When considering this option, we found the staff at Vetsure to be the most helpful & they took time to explain everything to us. Their manner was so friendly that you would almost think that they knew us & Lola.

Shortly after taking out the policy, Lola became very sick and it was suspected that she may have colitis or pancreatitis- she had to stay at our vets for a few days. We were concerned that we may not be covered because the policy was relatively new.

The claim process was very simple, made directly by our vets and we did not have to complete any tedious paperwork. We hope that we do not have to claim in the near future. We have another dog and when his policy renews we will move him to Vetsure too.” – Lola’s Mum


Cocker Spaniel


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