Hard work, never known anything like it!


Been trying to get my claim dealt with, very straightforward I thought. My dog has recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. No real sign apart from me having a feeling my dog was not quite himself. Been turned down as told pretty existing condition as I am supposed to have mentioned to the vet before a check up which proved completely clear and showed a complete clean bill of health, that my dog had put on a few pounds due to me changing his food, and me walking him less due to MY ill health. I had no worries over his health. Even the vet said he was absolutely fine. When I called back a few weeks later literally due to a feeling he was slightly out of sorts, he seemed somewhat tired for a few days,done pods were tested. The result came back hypothyroidism. I had to get my vet to write an email to state nothing was noted at the earlier appointment, still they are making me wait. I had 5 other dogs insured for months and months and never claimed before. I make one claim and it is such hard work. I hope they decide to agree the claim. If not I will take it to watchdog. Plus I have so many doggie contacts I fear they may lose Business. It seems a shame really to treat people like this. What is the point of the insurance if it can't be claimed?


Chihuahua (Short Coat)


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