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Have had Argos pet cover for 8 years. For the first 5 years the increases each year despite being excessive we stayed with them but in the last 3 years have become totally unreasonable. The quote just received for our border collie was £1185.73. In the last 3 years this premium has increased by 320% and and at the same time our excess risen from £65 to £165. They have little respect in the fact that they have already made profits from us to date and we have remained loyal to them. This makes the future costs of staying with them impossible so we have looked elsewhere and found cover at nearly half the price. This is not the way to treat a loyal and faithful policyholder.


Border Collie


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Posted: 23/11/2017

I must say that I have had the same experience. Been with Argos for 10 years with my 12 year old dog. Up until she was 9 the yearly premium increased on average about £7 per month. However when she got to age 9 the premiums shot through the roof. I was paying £45 per month in 2014, £62 in 2015, £89 in 2016 and from this August I am paying £130.48 per month. Argos know I can't shop around and get comparative lifetime cover elsewhere because of my dogs age so I'm stuck with them. I also have another dog and he's 9 next year so I am dreading the cost for him. He's currently £62 per month as it is.

In terms of claims I've only made a couple in all the years but Argos have been very good and I've had no problems but these costs are so excessive that I'm not going to be able to have anymore dogs after these and it's also a big worry each renewal now.