After my poor dog was hit by a car and sadly passed away, I called to cancel my Tesco pet insurance, And the very joly man said 'There you go, Anything else I can help you wiyh today?"!!!!. Sobbing after the call, My friend who had been reading the paperwork hilst K had been on thephone to them Said, Are they sending out the claim form or is it just done automatically, I obviously had a confused face as she said, "He was covered for his death", After calming myself down (Again), I checked the policy myself and saw that she was indeed correct and I was a little annoyed that the 'Is there anything else that I can help you with today', Hadn't even mentioned that my boy was covered.
I called back and was told that I was covered, And I received an appology for the earlier response and my claim was done.
Buyer BEWARE when you purchase through a comparrison site which does not ask all of the questions needed then you will NOT receive a penny!. An absolute dreadful, Angry, Upsetting and Tearfull experience dealing with the 'Actual Insurance Company' RSA- yep thats Right, So the 3rd party that you've at this point got too & I have to say i'm absolutley Disgusted that a company such as Royal Sun Allowance, Will keep asking question after question and let's not forget you also need to keep the receipt to proove how much you paid all those years ago!! .. Still Not a No, But my Friends & Family have all chipped in and helped me get a little stone of rememberence and have all been disgusted in that this insurance policy litterally was a total waste of money.
I've told them to stop bothering me and upsetting me each time they do, And have said I want to hear no more from them.
But I am bloody FURIOUS that a pet insurance poicy and Tesco along with Royal Sun Allowance can keep the upset f loosing my boy going on & on & on, Yes I still have a cry, Sometimes a smile, And I miss him soooo very very much.. But to keep the upset continuing for over 6 months. The onlyreview i can give is - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, Get a decent insurance in which you are 100% sure of what you have covered with your loved ones :-)


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 22/06/2017

Thank you for your post. I read your sad story just before i was about to buy pet insurance for my dog, with Tesco. I will steer clear, for sure! What a dredful experience for you.

Posted: 15/12/2017

So so sorry for your loss, this as touched me so much, how can an insurance company treat you so badly after what you have gone through, hope each day is getting a little easier for you, will certainly not be using them for cover x