Do NOT recommend. Avoid at all costs.


We changed to E & L a couple of years ago as our cats were "getting on" and Petplan was getting expensive. Sadly both of our cats have died since then and we made a claim for our younger one back in November. We have only just had the pay out and it was about quarter of our claim - less excess which was fair enough but then less a percentage which we were not aware of. Probably our fault for not reading the VERY small print. But how can they justify taking so very long to pay out. Terrible. Weeks after we put the claim in our son lost his very expensive i-phone which was insured with another company. We had the full pay out in 3 days. Now that was service. I will be MUCH more careful about choosing any insurance polity in the future and cheapest is most probably not the best in the end. Even our Vet said they recommend clients not to use this company.


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Posted: 23/07/2017

it seems a copany like this should be on watchdog or rip of Britain.