please keep away from this insurance company at all costs, me and my wife insured are dog with animal friends in October of last year after 3to 4 weeks after taking out the policy my dog suffered a bad back leg, first of all we had some medication for him but it did,nt seem to clear the problem ,so he suggested a x. ray and it would cost £400 on top of the £100 I had already paid for his medication, he asked me if we were insured I said yes and he would send the relative information to them. After along time later animal friends,contacted me to say we were,nt covered and said they would,nt pay a penny has we were,nt covered.they looked in to it again so they said and after a long time they still came back with the same answer, I e.mailed them to ask them if I could speak with someone from management ,but was told no I could,nt .I,ve really had a bad time with this company ,they just seem to take your money and then don,t care about the customer


Cocker Spaniel


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