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I have been using Direct Line for over 15 years and previously never had any problems. Just over 2 and a half years ago my other half got me a kitten (Larry and took out their essential policy. Previously when I had used them there was just 1 cover type so I wasn't aware of this.
The Essential policy provides 12 months cover or £4k of treatment whichever is reached first.

Larry got an ulcer on his mouth April 2015 and had steroids to resolve. He then got another in October again steroids were given and it cleared up. These vet visits cost around £70 and I never claimed as they were one off cases and with the excess it wasn't worth it.

We then had another ulcer June 2016 but despite numerous course of steroids it has never cleared up. We have now had tests and a vaccine created as it turns out he is allergic to lots of stuff. Bill to date is around £2k.

I've had a pay out from Direct Line for £47. I've gone through the complaints process stating I consider the treatment start to be June 2015 and I don't consider just over 1% pay out of the £4k fair and reasonable. Direct Line have rejected the complaint so I will be taking it to the Financial Ombudsman.


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Posted: 17/10/2017

Hi, did they say why the only paid such a small amount on the claim?