Animal Friends breached their own contract


Animal Friends were paying for my dog's condition of bacteria/yeast in her ear from July 2016 to present. They are now not paying the outstanding £500 vet bill as they state this condition was in the dog's medical history in September 2015, though it was written as Otitis Externa (inflammation of the ear). Therefore, it is over there 365 day period. Though, Animal Friends were paying this for my dog in November 2016 and January 2017, which is indeed outside there 365 day period. Clearly, they didn't want to pay the last bill which was linked to a condition in July 2016 and therefore are going back to 2015 slamming down otitis externa which is an umbrella condition of inflammation of the ear. I spoke to customer services and they said they made an error in paying me in November and January and therefore I suggest they are breach of their own contract and may be in breach of their code of ethics by not advising me of this error they had made. As Animal Friends knew my dog's treatment was ongoing. I'm now taking this dispute to the Ombudsman. I would recommend this Insurance be investigated by the Trading Standards Agency as the reviews are the worse I've seen.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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