Increase premiums astronomically and ignore complaints

Had 2 dogs insured with Animal Friends for many years. Would not recommend them.
The premiums are hiked up as soon as your dog gets ill. After his last problem my dogs were increased almost 4 fold so that I could not afford to insure him anymore.
Their policy documentation does not make it clear that the amount covered per condition includes any excess that you are paying.
If you are in danger of going over the 30day limit for claims they will not let you/vet fax/email them the claim so ensure you claim well in advance.
When your dog is needing any treatment over £1000 they insist on forms being filled in and sent to them by the vet/specialist centre which can delay the treatment. RVC said most other insurance companies don't do this.
If you ask for information they hold on file they return incomplete answers and routinely they don't tell you how your claim has been worked out just a the figure they are paying/not paying. Sometimes this info is sent by post, sometimes by email making it hard to keep proper records.
When I enquired I found my dog had over £4000 of treatment costs (including surgery) recorded under a condition for which surgery would never be done and for which he had only had a short course of treatment with antibiotics. When I pointed this error out nothing was done to rectify or explain it.
I complained officially and got back a half arsed explanation which made no sense and my complaint got nowhere.
As part of a previous claim my dog had also received medication for high blood pressure but when I claimed again for the very same medication I was told this was new condition so had I to pay the excess. It just made no sense at all. How could it be a new condition when he had been receiving medication for this for some time?
In the end I gave up arguing with them.
I would never use this company again, I would find a more reliable, fair and reputable one even if it costs a bit more up front.




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