Bad treatment of long standing customer


Received my annual renewal. My insurance premium has gone from 78 to 173 in last two years. I have been with Tesco pet insurance for 15 years and am dismayed by my treatment. I have spoken to them twice about what they can do to help me which is very little. They offered to double my excess to reduce my monthly premium and then offered me a discount of £11 which is laughable! I haven't made any claims since a claim for £180 in 2015. They would rather lose me as a customer than assist me. I now have to shop around and given my 2 dogs are 9 that is not easy. Tesco fell me I have 2 designer dogs. They are cavalier spaniels so I don't think so! No more designer than a Labrador !


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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