Awful experience


I took out 2 policies for my pet cats 3 weeks ago to start in march 2017, the price quoted and confirmed was very competitive so I went with them. I then recieived my documents and found the price was 349% higher than the price originally quoted! I called them straight away and was told by a rather unhelpful member of staff to email them the confirmation email I had received and they would respond within 24hrs this didn't happen, I called again 2 days later and after 20 minutes on the phone was told there was an IT issue and that my new documents showing the correct prices would be sent out within 48hrs matter resolved? Of course not! The documents never arrived, I made a 3rd phone call today to be told the documents still showed the wrong price! I asked to speak to a team leader or manager but was told there was not one in the office ( very hard to believe) I have now cancelled the policies as if they can't even get the documents right in 3 weeks what the hell would making a claim be like!


Mixed Breed Cat


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