What a scam this company is! I would urge everyone to steer clear from this company. I had insurance with them for my cat for last 8+ years. When we bought our kitty, he came with this insurance so we didn't think of looking into company further and simply continued with it. The premiums kept going up every year by a very small amount. Started at around £16 in Cental London. 2014 my kitty got ill and was hospitalised. The vet was dreading to claim the moeny from this company as they have a bad reputation. I looked into switching the insurance company but I couldn't as it was after the illness was diagnosed. Anyway they did claim from the insurance and it all went well. After a huge claim the premium went up by approx. £10.00. End of 2016, just before the new year, my kitten had to have a bladder surgery and stones removed, so he was hospitalised for a few days. We claimed from the insurers again and all went well. We did move from Sutton to Holloway recently so I have changed the address with insurers as well. The next thing I know is the premium went up to £55.00 pcm on Jan 11 due to a very dangerous (!) area we live in (I lived in a cantral London previosuly and for whatever reason it was not dangerous - Bloomsbury is one of the more expensive areas and surely the vet fees are much higher there than Holloway!), also my cat is purely indoor car so he is not allowed to go outside and all the vets can confirm that (Insurers do not care about that!). So I accepted this and just carried on... 22/02 yesterday I have received the renewal documents and received the shock of my life - premium is now !£130.00!!! Yes we did make a claim which was settled on 11/01 (the day we received the first increase), but I could not believe that the premium gone up by 236%!!! So I urgently called up and was told they can only tell me the general factors why the premiums may increase but they do not have the information of the exact increase, exact factors and exact breakdown. I asked to speak to a manager and was told exactly the same. I was told that underwriters decide this and they go by what underwriters tell them! I asked to speak to underwriters and so I was told they are based in Gibraltar (funny that) and they cannot provide the contact to me. So basically they areripping me off because someone said they can with no clkear explanation what so ever. If you thing they are non profit organisation you must be dreaming!The underwriters are based in Gibraltar - that is one way of not paying the taxes! The owners (apparently animal lovers, husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Fairfax) are worth around £4mln net each! This is a joke. I am taking this further and I would everyone to look into switching the insurance to other providers. There was always a reason why all the vet institutions were so against this company. I have read now read many awful reviews and am disgusted! I wish I knew this 8 years ago. I an taking this further for the sake of all the people and their little pets who have been and will be scammed by this crappy company! I am sure we will speak very soon again Animal 'Friends'!




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