Very helpful staff, well explained policy


I took out this insurance after my last policy being voided by the company (animal friends) as they decided they did not want to insure my dog because she was an irish blue staffordshire bull terrier. I discovered lofetime pet cover using google and got a quote online which seemed very reasonable and the policy seemed very straight forward and easy to understand, unlike some pet insurance providers.
I telephoned, was connected almost immediately and was given very good customer service and they confirmed that my dog would be covered by their insurance policy. I think the amount i pay monthly now is reasonable and the 20% of the final fee that i have to pay if a claim is made is understandable due to my dog being 7years of age so more prone to illnesses.

Cannot rate in relation to processing of claims as have not had to claim (and hopefully wont have to.)


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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