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My oldest cat - 9 years old in May has been insured with PP since he re-homed him. Over close to 9 years,we've paid nearly £2500 in insurance.

He recently had to have treatment for Systitis - Vet's bill = £199.24. We made a claim & received £68.19 = 34% of the cost. We know that since our cat is 7 years old now,there was an excess to pay,but we expected the £ fee minus the £ excess.

If you look at the PP page regarding ''how PP premiums are calculated'',there's no full description at all of how it's calculated.


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Posted: 13/04/2017

You always should read the full terms and conditions when taking out a policy, this is normal for most if not all companys to add % at an older age when making a claim it can also be in your interests as well as the older our pets get the more issues are likely and by paying % each time it preserves some of the premium for a later date or ongoing condition

Posted: 14/09/2017

Shocked that anyone has to read the small print in order to discover how basic premiums are calculated. How many people can actually understand the gobbledegook small print and infinite exclusions anyway?