steer clear of animal friends


insured my puppy the day after his previous puppy insurance expired and was told there was a 14 day waiting period which I understand. However on the 15th day ( out of the 14 day waiting period) he was playfighting with other dog and was diagnosed with cherry eye a couple of days after this again through playing his other eye want i paid for the surgery however they refused to pay saying it was on the 14th day when it was not and gave now excluded his eyes and sight from any other claims. really not happy with this cancelled both policies i had with them for both my dogs and have now complained.


English Bulldog


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Posted: 09/03/2017

All I can say is if you have not got Life time cover which they want you to have stay well clear of this lot if you want your pets looked after without getting a bill you have to pay. Think pet plan NOW.