Hike in insurance


Our dog will be eleven this year. Pet Plan have massively increased the monthly payment plus the excess and to cap it all they then take a further 20% off any payment you may be lucky to receive. It seems that like all insurance companies they are are happy to take your money but as soon as the animal gets to 10 years of age they penalise you.
We pay less for our car and home insurance per year than we do for our dog. It is a complete rip off. They just won't listen to you if you do complain it's basically take it or leave it. It's about time something was done about the pet insurance industry. Basically if they can get out of paying they will do.


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Posted: 05/10/2017

Hi I completely agree,our Golden Retriever turned 11 in May and we have recently taken him to our vets for a rear leg limp only to find he needs a cruciate Op. Over the years our monthly premiums have soared as well as the excess!! Now they say that we have to start paying 20% of all treatment costs. I feel you are definitely being penalised for having an older pet.I understand that older pets are going to need more treatment but that's why your premiums go up!