I received a letter to say that my claim has been denied on the grounds that:

Dog lead and harness should be in condition and fits pet to prevent escape. You must ensure the lead is used in such a way the animal slipping out our grasp. I will be today writing to the FCA and escalating this, the lead was less than 2 months old and the lead was held by me in such a way, I am a grown adult ....... they also need to provide proof of the above ...... make sure you raise a complaint if you are NOT happy ....




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Posted: 16/02/2017

Don't give up. I've been trying to claim for medication for a false pregnancy since last year and this week my claim was upheld. Admittedly they then take the £99 excess off but a win is good. They've called her problem a procedure then behavioural, written a load of rubbish but common sense prevailed somewhere along the line. Admittedly they then said if I wished to re-insure with them an exclusion would need to be added relating to anything connected to her reproductive organs when they knew she'd had an emergency spay but hey, no more than i'd expect. Should list on their policies what is included rather than excluded, would be far less to read!!