total rip off


Our cavalier is 8 years old and sadly over the last couple of years has developed firstly epilepsy and then diabetes. Obviously the premium has gone up as we have had to make a lot of claims BUT, last year £ 47 per month, this year £ 85 !!!!! in addition we also pay the first 10% of claims. To make matters worse, although we have always paid for lifetime cover, they now charge the excess on every condition each time the policy renews ! This means another £170 every January. Over a year this makes a total of approximately £ 1,200 per year plus the 10% each time we claim which is obviously ongoing due to meds etc. We are both pensioners and finding the cost of insuring our much loved pet crippling. I thought insurance was to help when your pet was poorly but seems more like a savings scheme to me.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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