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Dreadful company took 4 months to pay out on a £400 operation on my dog then took another third off the payout as well as the excess because my dog was old !! We had always paid our premium for years then due to a glitch we missed one and they stopped our policy ! They don'thave write to you only email !! Just wanted to get an old dog off their books !! Don't deal them !!


Border Collie


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Posted: 01/03/2017

I have been with this company since 2010 and never missed a payment. There customer service is awful, not expect your money back anytime soon. I am still waiting on a claim I sent over a month ago for a £1000 . Unfortunately I had to pay the vets otherwise I would let them chase this company. I'm my experience with other claims I d suggest a 2-3 months wait before payout. Also I paid for lifetime cover year year the Permium was changed.