Beware Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance. If you have ever taken your dog abroad in the EC on a Pet Passport, they will invalidate any claim you make on your policy unless you can provide evidence in the form of a report from the EC Vet you used to get your dog's Tapeworm Treatment tablet, which you have to do under DEFRA conditions before you can take your dog back home to the UK. The Vet's stamp in your Pet Passport is not sufficient evidence, so you have to get a written, stamped and certified statement from the EC Vet you used of the treatment they gave and the health assessment they made of your dog, otherwise Liverpool Victoria will reject your claim. I have used 7 French Vets over the past 7 years, and as they were unable to supply LV with such a report, my claim was rejected. This has happened to me on the only claim I have made on my policy in 7 years, and I have had to lodge an official complaint with the Financial Services Ombudsman.


Border Collie


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