28 days insurance actually only 14 days


My puppy developed cherry eye within 7 days of having her. I was advised by the vet to have surgery as the cherry was too large to treat otherwise. I called Kennel Club and they sai that because the condition is classed as an illness and within the first 14 days of the policy that she was not covered by the 28 days free insurance. Miss advertising at its best


English Bulldog


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Posted: 20/03/2018

I was also fooled by this. I thought I was covered with them and was choosing to take out a policy, but when I called to take it out I was told that my free insurance only covered accidents and not illnesses as my breeder didn't give it to me, they sent it to me in the post with his KC papers. So THEY gave me a void policy and now I'm unable to take out a policy with them as they won't cover his illness that was found during his cover with them. Con artists at its finest.