Forget them!


I have been with Petplan for ten years (with my two older cats), as well as a further 9 years for the previous generation of cats. I had thought that I was on a plan for life cover for the two older ones). Turns out that I wasn't. OK, my fault. I am even willing to accept the £3000 limit per condition per cat. But to learn today that: a) the £3000 cover is for ONE YEAR ONLY, and that if you need cover for more than a year for a particular condition, you can't have it and b) nor will they allow a pet with a lower level of cover be bumped up to a higher level of cover beyond the age of 8 ???!!! I can understand excluding dentals. I can even understand excluding pre-existing conditions before your period of cover. But to confine treatment to 12 months (since many problems with older cats are intermittently reoccurring) AND to refuse a higher level of cover I find beyond angering, particularly when I have paid relatively high premiums without complaint for close to 20 years. I'm voting with my feet, and encourage all who deal with petplan to do the same.




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