Look for Insurance - not with this company


I have 4 animals insured by them 2 cats 2 dogs. I would say in the past couldn't complain really of recent everything is a query which is spun out as long as possible plainly they are looking to save as much money as possible but I don't notice that in the yearly increase in premiums. The dogs were insured from their breeders so can't have existing conditions - both have ongoing health issues. The cats are rescues and are now nearly 10 until now been very healthy.I dared to put a claim in on one of the cats All 4 animals are a problem to this insurer I have in the last month had 3 outstanding queries including a double excess claim which they chose to miss ( 2dog claims 1 cat). I would suggest looking else where for insurance I am stuck with them wouldn't use them again for sure. By the way make a complaint and it is logged in file 13 never to be dealt with or is it they have so many complaints they cant deal with them


English Springer Spaniel


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