Disgusted - Tesco don't give a damn about our pets


Having put in a claim for Molly's recent operation to remove a large Lipoma from her side in December, I am gobsmacked that Tesco have refused to pay out!
They tell me that because it is over 12 months since I first went to our vet regarding a small lump on her side they will not cover my claim. The fact is, that the vet took a small sample and confirmed it was nothing sinister and advised me to leave it as it was not causing any harm to her is irrelevant.
Tesco would rather I had an unnecessary operation on my dog, complete with all the risks involved with a general anaesthetic never mind the pain and upset my dog would endure. They would have been happy to pay for the operation if I had it done within 12 months of my first visit even though it was totally unnecessary at that point. Unfortunately as it has grown and I made the decision 15 months later (in the best interests of my pet and on the vets advice) to have the lump removed before it caused more issues due to its location next to her front leg they refuse to pay out!
SHAME ON YOU TESCO!! You obviously don't give a damn about the well being of our beloved pets - well I have now cancelled my policy in utter disgust and i will now be getting my shopping and petrol from Asda...even though I have to drive past Tesco to get there!


Cocker Spaniel


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