dreadful service


Have insured for 3 years with AF and put in first claim recently, they declined to settle as they said my dogs condition (lipoma) had first been noticed over 1 year previously. The vet had said then it was too small to operate and not worth putting my dog through the stress. Just over one year later the lipoma had grown significantly and the vet recommended that it was the right time to remove the lump and fully test incase it wasnt a lipoma and to make sure. Animal Friends blanketly refused to settle the claim, it seems they prefer to put animals through needless pain when it isnt necessary. The policy itself is worthless and we even received a back dated change to our policy saying that they had added an exclusion of lipomas to our policy from January 2016, this was after we made a claim in December 2016. Dreadful company avoid


Flat-Coated Retriever


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