Misleading practices


The website 'boasts' a 5-7 day claim turnaround. A month after sending off my forms I am still waiting for an outcome........... More shockingly, I wrote something on their facebook page, it was removed. I then commented asking why any negative comments are being removed from the page and guess what....... I HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM THEIR PAGE!
I was not rude or use bad language, I simply made a comment about my experience with them. If you look through their page it is nothing but gushing stories and positive comments, only because they allow these ones to stay on their page!! I will never use them again!! after the distress and upset of losing a beloved dog very suddenly I now have the stress of having to chase my claim a month down the line when all I want to do is draw a line under the whole rotten experience, and what is more scary is I am still awaiting to see if they are even going to pay my claim......


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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