DO NOT USE - capping regular,expensive operations


First time dog owner and having a large breed, insurance has always been essential. I’m not in the pet care industry and didn’t understand that cruciate injuries are a regular occurance. Having completed the operation, to receive notification that a £2400 injury was has been capped at £750, less the excess, less the 15% deduction means just over £400 paid out. This has really nullified the point of having insurance at all

This approach is disgusting. It would be the same as car insurers saying “we will insure you as long as your crash doesn’t happen in wet or snowy conditions”


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Posted: 28/03/2017

the same problem has just happened to me, my newfoundland needed surgery, I payed the vets in Bristol to deal with the claim, only to be told today they are only paying 750.00 pounds, leaving me with a bill for 3200.00. I complained asking why they do not tell you, the agent replied they should have explained when I renewed my policy which they did not, don't touch this companu

Posted: 02/06/2017

We are 2nd time dog owners..Any that golden retriever (summer) age 3rd this month, sadly partially ruptured cruciate ligament in march this yr. After x rays at vets referee to orthopaedics hospital..In short an operation is needed soon as poss to prevent onset of lameness..owe a hospital receptionist pointed out after finding wording on policy we didn't see at all that pet protect will only pay us £750 t wards a £3,700 bill less wot we claiming for price of x rays and inflammatory tabs. We totally disgusted,our premium £23 a mnth