Beware! Lifetime cover...until it's not


Used this company for my 2 dogs lifetime cover from 2011-2015, at which point l was told my spaniels now long term arthritis issue & meds would only be covered up to a total of £2,000 as a gesture of 'goodwill' and not at all after that as their underwriter had changed they didnt cover animals. If l hasnt been imminently due a baby l would have followed up with the ombudsman but frankly had bigger issues at that point. Now my dogs were all >8yrs old and the spaniels meds would not be covered by other companies anyway. The broker l used for my insurance said many others had been burned by them and the ombudsman would be very busy so l figured they would feel the wrath anyway. Shame as up to that point they had been good but dumping customers allegedly on lifetime cover is despicable, charlatans!


English Springer Spaniel


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Posted: 09/11/2017

Thanks for this, this is exactly what Im hearing happens with most companies and Im looking for the one that doesnt and honors the policy in to old age. I very nearly went with them

Posted: 06/11/2018

not to sure if you will read this but i took vetsmedicover to the financial ombudsman and won they had to reinstate my £ 10,000 lifetime cover and paid a small compensation i am now after 2 years still fighting with the new under writer which i partially have won the rest is in the balance you can still take your case to the financial ombudsman up to 3 years you can not have too many people complaining according to the financial ombudsman i was only i of a few every one was taking the same attitude that others would complain