Animal Enemies!


If I could rate Animal Friends as no stars I would, I don't think that they even deserve a review but I want people to be aware before insuring their animals with Animal "Friends" what they're getting themselves into. I got my French Bulldog on May 1 2016. In early June I took him to the vets for a check up, the vets gave me tear drop replacement drops to give him twice a day as he had dry eyes. Towards the end of June I noticed that one of his eyes started looking red and weepy, I took him back to the vets and they said that he would need immediate treatment as he had a melting ulcer in one of his eyes, our local vets kept Jacques in for the day giving him eye drops and anti biotics every hour, by the end of the day there was no improvement. Our local eye specialist vet happened to be off sick on this day so we got transferred over to Abbotskerswell Vetinary Centre, he had to have an eye graft straight away costing £1,100, 2 months later he needed a follow up procedure costing another £700, not forgetting the £1,074 for his first lot of pre op treatment and supporting medication. I sent of a claim letter and soon received a letter declining my claim. Their reasoning behind this was because Jacques was already on eyedrops, although they acknowledged that when he was first insured there was no ulceration, we had 2 eye specialist vets look at Jacques' eyes and both stated that they were adamant that the dry eyes and ulceration were not connected in any way. Since I have had problems with Animal Friends and asked people for their advice they have all had negative things to say about this insurance company, I just wish that I had read more reviews and did my research before becoming one of their victims.


French Bulldog


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